Vibrant and bold images personalize very well a room on any kind of walls – white, colorful, brushed, you name it.
The wooden frame we offer to match them is an excellent complement to the digital art: modern, light with the subtle passepartout effect of the dark brown line. In a more classic style, we offer also a splendid golden frame of museum quality and alluring taste. The choice is up to you!

What’s a frame for?

Of course you may pin to the wall a picture of your liking – and call it a poster.
Yet most of the times you may wish a better match between the picture and the style of your living room: the best way to get it is a frame.
It acts as a sort of interface between the room and the picture: the frame matches the room, the picture matches your taste, and both match each other very well.

Having a picture properly framed can be pretty expensive though, which is why we found a way to do it for you at a much more convenient price and still keep the quality of materials and workmanship to a gorgeous level.
How? Well… that’s a little secret we’re indecently proud of 🙂 Don’t ask, enjoy!