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Dante’s Inferno Project

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Featured collection: Lifestyle Portraits

these are not photos, these are not real people,
these images are created using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms

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Gameover’s Atelier exclusive:
8 beautiful images of grunge aesthetic look

Dark academia fashion is a style inspired by classic literature, academic and gothic aesthetics.
This fashion trend draws heavily from classic and gothic literature, evoking an atmosphere of mysterious, intellectual pursuits reminiscent of old universities and private schools or settings akin to old English libraries.

Street artists (Exclusive for Gameover’s Atelier) – brief sample

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Senior Gym – brief sample

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VIPs from the past – brief sample

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En la tierra andaluza,
se escucha el sonido
del taconeo ardiente,
del zapateo encendido.

Es el baile flamenco,
la pasión hecha arte,
la emoción en movimiento,
el corazón que late.

Con vestidos de colores,
y mantones al viento,
las mujeres bailan,
con gracia y sentimiento.

Los hombres tocan la guitarra,
con maestría y pasión,
creando música que alienta,
la danza de corazón.

Y en el aire se siente,
el duende que hace vibrar,
esa danza que es poesía,
y que hace el alma soñar.

¡Olé! El flamenco es vida,
es el alma de España,
es el fuego que nos quema,
y la pasión que nos llama.
(Garcia GPT)

Seamless patterns

Artistic repetitive high res patterns, more human than AI 😉



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Pets & wild animals – brief sample

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Gothic, Ghosts, Halloween & C – brief sample

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Comfort food – fancy cakes – brief sample

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Retro-futuristic stuff & steampunk – brief sample

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