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Vibrant and bold images personalize very well a room on any kind of walls – white, colorful, brushed, you name it.
The wooden frame we offer to match them is an excellent complement to the digital art: modern, light with the subtle passepartout effect of the dark brown line. In a more classic style, we offer also a splendid golden frame of museum quality and alluring taste. The choice is up to you!

What’s a frame for?

Of course you may pin to the wall a picture of your liking – and call it a poster.
Yet most of the times you may wish a better match between the picture and the style of your living room: the best way to get it is a frame.
It acts as a sort of interface between the room and the picture: the frame matches the room, the picture matches your taste, and both match each other very well.

Having a picture properly framed can be pretty expensive though, which is why we found a way to do it for you at a much more convenient price and still keep the quality of materials and workmanship to a gorgeous level.
How? Well… that’s a little secret we’re indecently proud of 🙂 Don’t ask, enjoy!

Is photography just the final outcome of a button click?

Perhaps not anymore.
Over half a century has passed since the great Ansel Adams used to wander in the Yosemite Valley with his pick-up truck carrying his beloved and bulky accordion camera on its tripod. His masterworks of ‘pure’ photography are unique even today – just look at them!
However in these many decades photography has become quite another thing.
Today it begins after the click: it’s entirely digital. You can transform the image by changing sky, light and colors, sharpening or defocusing, adding people to the front with just a pinch of digital magic – people that never saw that beautiful landscape with their own eyes. There are tons of apps to choose from, some of them really great.
But – call me a traditionalist if you wish – I believe that in spite of that ‘real’ photography is still alive and kicking. The photos of my gallery here are good natural shots – though sometimes drastically moved back in time by turning them black and white. I like them very much and I think they could tell something to you too.

Photography as a starting point of creative digital art

And still – why not to explore and master other technologies as well, to recreate the feeling of real painting? Or to create something new and subtly different to hang in the living room, by daring use several tools the traditional painter wouldn’t even consider.
I’m not thinking of photos overpainted with digital brush strokes to recreate a dull portraiture, as so many self-proclaimed artists use to. I’m thinking rather of works as rich, vibrant and bold as the traditional art, but with something different and intriguing.

The computer is just a TOOL

Many people could be very critical hearing about art created digitally by computer.
I suppose that also at Gutenberg times something like that might have happened (“printing instead of writing manually with difficulty and patience, Oh what times! ”) or when writers begun writing novels on the PC instead of on the typewriter… not to mention quill and ink.
As far as I’m concerned to me the computer is just a brush (well, perhaps a little more complicated), but a tool is a tool is a tool, the art comes out of my hands 🙂
Feel free to have a tour and enjoy yourself!